Piper (The Swiss Army Knife)

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    Congrats to Piper, Oberon, Zac and Family.

    The mass on the older deer is eye popping. There will be one happy Hunter to get the missing side to his trophy.

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    It is finished. I originally set out on this journey with one goal. To raise a shed hunter. With no formal training experience I knew it would be a task. This past weekend Piper wrapped up her Master Title in Portland Tennessee at the Tennessee Shed Dogs NASHDA event. To say I am proud of her is an understatement. It was HOT! Probably too hot to be running our dogs but they all pushed through like champs. Piper's will to please is stronger than her hunt drive. That is the only reason why she does what she does. She'd much rather be laying on a couch being pampered. Piper ran an unprecedented 18 courses on her way to a master title. Passing all 18. I never heard the judge tell us "Time" with this little girl. We got close a few times but never felt defeat at the hands of the clock. That little girl has changed our lives. Getting into this sport we have made life long friends who all share the same passion as we do. During this journey I picked up Oberon along the way. He's one pass away from finishing his Senior Title and moving into the master division. Having Piper as a measuring stick is no easy feat but he holds his own. Probably my main goal in this whole scenario was to have Piper earn her master title before she has her first litter. Having accomplished that we are now looking forward to her having puppies. So as one chapter closes we open another with Ghost. Me and the family went Sunday and picked him out. He too will follow in Piper's footsteps just like Oberon and eventually the female we keep from Piper's first litter rounding us out with 4 shed hunting English Labs. For some reason my wife is set on the breed (and color). Thank you to all for the words of encouragement and advice. I'll keep our journey updated as time permits. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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