Zombie deer

Regardless of your opinion on CWD, word is getting out via mainstream media. Should get interesting.

Let the hysteria begin.


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This always makes me laugh. Minnesota is trying very hard to convince the hunters to shoot as many deer as they can afford bullets. So far, the fuds have largely played along and shot the snot out of many corners of the state. Then out of the other side of the DNR's mouth comes this spooky dude conspiracy.

I can't help but laugh. "Shoot all the deer you want. Just be advised they're going to turn you into a zombie."
Be interesting to see where the communists go with this. I guarantee you they'll try to use it to take away some rights of ours.
Fox Tabloid news ... it works ... it made ya look. View attachment 14820;)

I’m starting to regret posting this on multiple forums, thankful for the copy/paste function.

I’ve been following CWD for 15 years. The concern, if any, is the reaction of the non hunting voting public that will not research this topic.

This article casts a much broader net and much more politicized angle on a topic that to this point has mainly been debated by hunters and wildlife agencies. The majority of non hunters know nothing about CWD.

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Yeah, once the pundits get hold of this, who knows where it goes? I'm open-minded and would like to see more research come out from a source without bias before implementing science-driven policy changes. That won't happen if Joe Public sinks his/her teeth into the story. Someone will manufacture weaponized outrage about something, and mass hysteria will rule the day.