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I've always planted Turnips 7/15- 8/1 and Rye/clover around 9/1 -
anyone have different advice for northern plots? I like to hear other opinions and results - always tinkering -

I see Photobucket pics aren't posting - and I'm not planning on paying them to do so. At some point I'll figure out whats best - anyone else change over to something else yet?
I've planted turnips around Aug. 15 last year---likely was too late--crop was small. Population was fine but small turnips. We did have the driest of years though last year.
Have planted clover and rye as early as Aug. 15-it does fine. Rye gets tall but eventually gets eaten though later. Have tried planting oats and rye later than the first week of September and had poor crops. The deer would simply devour it. The later it is planted the more tender it is when they get on it. Again if it rains just right the later dates could turn out better than they have.
After having planted food plots for almost thirty years now I'm with you on the dates you mentioned as optimum.

I keep my photos myself--don't trust an outside firm to care about them. They are loaded into the computer and managed using the Nikon transfer program which came with a camera purchase. Nikon also provides a program called Nikon images which stores your photos off line which is free to Nikon users at least which I used to use and probably should just for backup. The paint program is used for file reducing to load onto this site or to e-mail.
The 1 acre of brassica that I planted a week ago looks like it is sprouted already. And I accidentally still had a few oats in the drill when I started. My method on fall plot planting dates is to plant in stages, that way if one fails due to no rain, the next one might be better. But I just had rotator cuff surgery on short notice to fix two torn tendons so my fall planting and hunting season is probably not going to happen. I'm not complaining, I will watch my son enjoy his hunting. Allen V__35E8 (2).JPG
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Im in the catskills, i usually plant my brassica around the third week in july if i can. I have had pretty good results. Everyone tells me beginning of August, so this year im going to try the beginning of august.

I guess well see what happens.
I'm also in the Catskills and agree with your dates. There are other brassicas that can or should be planted earlier (Winfred and rutabagas and longer maturing kales). I too tend to stagger my plantings within optimal windows.

Mennoniteman, I've been there done that on the shoulder surgery. Take the therapy very serious--that's what will get you functioning again. I still remember the pain of therapy....and drawing my bow for the first time. It truly sucked.