Your "coolest" buck


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Big or small whats your just really neat buck pic?NT,crazy or whatever.heres one of mine.I never saw this deer.neighbor saw him the day after this pic and nothing sincentdrop1.jpg
That's a brute! I would shoot him in a hearbeat!

I don't really have anything that cool but this one is neat. We call him spider. I hope he grows up and gets some mass on him.


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We just don't see very many NT bucks unless it's an injury and no where near what I used to see hunting over east,I like the wavy tines
I hardly see anything NT. My dream buck would have drop tines but that is very rare around here. I shot a very even 6x6 buck this yr and people think it's great, but I would trade it for a crazy NT in a hearbeat.
Wow those are all nice bucks. I don't really have any cool looking ones. They are almost all tight and tall racks.
But here is a hit list buck