Yellow Spots on Leaves


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Questions to you food plot pros -

This is my first year using throw and mow in the spring. This was more so a test to see what would grow if I just used TnM on an existing plot that had clover/rye in it last year. So, I did not add any fertilizer, just broadcast the seed. I used a mix (cow peas, soybeans, millet, milo, sunflowers, buckwheat, sun hemp), as I had no prior experience with any of these and wanted to see what would work. I’ve been pretty happy with the results, but know I probably needed to add some fertilizer and lime in the future, to get it growing optimally, so I got a soil test (below).

Noticed last week that a few different plants have developed yellow spots on the leaves. I’m assuming that this is related to a nutrient deficiency, but not sure which is causing it. Any idea what is causing the yellow spots on clover / cow peas?

Note - I tried searching on this, but didn’t run across anything on it. If I missed a prior post on it, I would appreciate posting the link and I’ll take a look at it.


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Two things jump off the page at me. You have 8 ppm sulfur, but hadn't added any, so I'm guessing this plot is wet most of the year. Also, at the pH you have, nutrients aren't going to get into your plants very well. I'm not great on leaf indicators, but my guess would be it's a disease caused by lack of nutrients and excess water.
You need more info before you can get a good lime type/amount figured. You've got high calcium ratio now, but I'm betting there is a clay layer beneath it keeping it wet. With your low calcium/magnesium numbers, if you get your lime wrong, you could make your wetness and nutrient tie up issue worse. Get another test with CEC, base saturation, and buffer pH and you'll be able to correct a bunch of stuff with the right amount of the right lime.
Thanks Mark.

Yeah, that area stays relatively dry most of the year, but when we get a lot of rain, it serves as a drain. With the way we’ve got rain this year, it has stayed pretty moist. So, you’re probably right on the moisture.

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In monsoon years such as this has been in the first half I see spotting like you show. I think nutrients are leached from the soil and away from plants with excess moisture. Seems plants rebound without an issue for me. I agree with Mark, getting ph up to 6+ can help. Add 0-20-20 fert this fall, perhaps boron, and gysum for sulphur addition and should see plots weather extremes better. Good luck.