Wounded Deer ?

I aim about 4" back from the shoulder allowing for a double lung shot. You will recover your deer within 150 yards if this shot is taken at a broadside deer.

One of the biggest things I noticed this year is people are too concerned with killing that deer that day at that time. Sometimes you just have to let a deer walk if you don't have a good shot. One of the biggest excuses I hear is there wasn't a good shooting lane. My answer to this is why did you take the shot then? I don't care if you are the best bow shot in the world if you don't wait for a good shot at a broadside or quartering away deer with no limbs in between you and the deer than you are not paying the deer the respect that it deserves. Probably the most irritating kill we had this year was a shot a guy took at a straight on deer. He shot between the neck and the shoulder. He luckily killed this deer and it dropped within 50 yards of the stand but it was blind luck and hunter's like this will not be asked back to hunt our farms whether we retrieve the animal or not.

The shot that Brushpile is talking about is the most ethical shot there is in my opinion. 4" to 6" back off the shoulder guarantees a double lung at a broadside deer.