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I assume most of you probobly know about the Wired to Hunt podcast, but if you don't, you should definitely check it out. I am not affiliated with them at all, but think they really bring a lot of great guests on the show and discuss a lot of great topics.

Here are a couple of good ones I think you might enjoy if you aren't familiar with them:

Don Higgens on using Trail Cameras to target mature bucks. Episode 67


Mark Drury discusses a plethora of info about how he predicts deer movement. Episode 63


Dan Infalt on hunting bucks by targeting bedding areas and the "lull" Episode 27.


I hope if some of you are talk radio junkies like me, and would like to escape political talk for a while, that you give this a shot. There are quite a few topics that they have covered over the years, so I'm sure they would have something for everyone.


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Ive listened to most of their shows.... excepting the last couple of months. Great show with some of their guests.
Couple of good guys seeking the holy grail of killing big bucks. I personally dont think it exists, but no harm in trying.....:)


They're pretty good.

Lots of good podcasts out there these days. Try the one by Shane Mahoney too.


I know this is somewhat of an old thread, but I want to resurrect it and give a plug for episode #161 with Marcus Lashley from Mississippi State Deer Lab. One of my recent favorites covering mineral stumps, prescribed burning, fawning cover, impacts of coyotes, and much more. Highly recommended if you're considering the effects of coyotes on your deer population.

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