Wildlife Ponds / Water Holes Podcast


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I have installed a few 20 gallon tubs on my 15 acres, which are fun to watch via trail cam and actually somewhat effective.

I thought I would share this podcast, as it was informative to me and could help someone else learn. Thanks and Happy belated 4th to Y'all!

I’ve thought about that myself. I’ve seen lots of setups where guys use a big water tote to feed a small trough of some kind (by gravity) and put a float valve in it. They fill the tote up with a cheap pump from another tote that they haul the water in. Not too expensive but probably more valuable to guys that hunt in semi-arid country. We have a lot of that in Texas, but not especially in E Texas where I hunt. I sure enjoy the pictures they get from them, every creature waters there !
I've got 8 water holes on the farm. I'd put water holes at the bottom of my list as far as habitat improvements. Deer occasionally use them but I don't see enough use that they make any real difference either way on my place. They are pretty to look at when you ride by them.