Who I Am...


By way of introduction: I am a semi-retired outdoor writer and deer manager. At one time, I wrote for 19-different magazines-mostly bowhunting publications and was an editor with Bow and Arrow Hunting Magazine. I currently have, the longest continuously running newspaper column in the US-45-years. I was on television for four-years and have made videos on hunting deer and elk. I have managed large operations for deer and am a graduate of the U of WY where I mainly studied elk. Those are my bona fides. Now, I live outside Nashville, TN and write some, hunt when I feel like it, fish when the weather is nice. Over the years, I have lived and hunted in TX-IL-WY-ND-TN. I have been in TN since 1972.

I have a sizable deer population in my backyard which I see and study almost daily. I use no trail cams, do no supplemental feeding. None is needed. In a normal year, I will kill five or six does. Three are given to needy families. Occasionally, I kill a buck. This year two, one by mistake, one cause he made me mad. 140-is a big deer for my county.

I have, by rough count, 19-animals that qualify for one record book or another. I have never sent one in, most are whitetail deer. I no longer care one whit about antlers. My main interests lie with mock rubs, scrapes and licking branches and…I am dang sure still learning.

So-that is my background.

Two "book" bucks in one morning in two different states.40 years #5.jpg
Welcome. I love that part of Tennessee. Wish I were there again from time to time.
Hello Friend,

Wayne Pruett from Portland, TN. The WY reference in the post gave me a clue and the photo closed the deal. My son Jackson is now 40 years old and an excellent hunter. Do you remember walking our farm back in the late 80s / early 90s.

That farm was timbered 2 years ago and we are ruffing in 14 food plots now. Plots on the ridges - one large on in the bottom field. The Hollows are the deer sanctuaries.

Hope you are well. The first time I heard you speak was at Cumberland College Gym about 28 years ago. You hunted a great at Cheatham back then.

Glad to know you are hunting deer still.
Does Jackson still crack his knuckles? I remember y'all well. I just came back from a consulting job on a farm in KY owned by a guy from Portland.
What county in KY is his farm located? No he stop cracking his knuckles. Do you still go Cheatham Wildlife MA?
He is about 12-miles outside Auburn, not sure what county. Have not been to Cheatham in several years. Was terribly ill in late 2007, almost died, Since then, with a few exceptions, I quit traveling much and seldom hunt over three-miles from my house. All my hunting partners are gone and I am too old to train another one. Still go to AL twice a year but that is about it. When I sold out of guiding business in IA-MO-NE, I had a virus invade my spinal cord and have not been real active, in terms of travel, since then. Too easy to just say, "Why go anywhere when I have more deer in my backyard than I can drag out." :) Good hearing from you, again.
Sorry to hear about the 2007 health issues but I certainly know the world is better off with guys like you with us.

I have two labs that are trained shed dogs - Scotty has 17 passes and with his 18 pass likely at a Jan 26th Hunt Test he will be Titled Out in NASHDA. He was 2 years old on Oct 21st. Perry has 9 passes with 9 to go. He will be 2 years old this coming May 2nd. We hope to enjoy a good wild shed hunting season this year.

Wonder if you would give me some likely spots at Cheatham WMA to find some shed antlers. My dogs are whistle trained and collar conditioned.

I would think Auburn, KY is located in Logan County - south of Russellville and north of Springfield.

Have a good day friend.
Cheatham has changed. 15-years ago, I could have told you exactly where to go. Now, I have no idea. Some years ago, they logged "The Magic Tree", one we killed 33-deer out of in eight years. The ridge that tree was one was a prime place to find sheds. Not now.