Who has an American foxhound for blood-trailing?

I fancy the American foxhound because they look so handsome as compared with most other hound type breeds as the bloodhound with such a homely face.

I understand that the American foxhound may or may not be the number one tracker of wounded deer but I am impressed by the one my deer guide had many years ago when I hunted blacktail in northern California.

More than foxes, this breed has pursued a wide variety of animal species according to this link:

The foxhound seems good-looking, nicely tempered and versatile enough for many a fur-or-hoofed citters.

They hunted an array of quarry, including squirrels, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, deer, and bears.

They were gifted and traded with a number of Colonial noblemen, including George Washington, an avid fox hunter.