Which grunt call, I'm out of the loop


My beloved Rod Benson wood grunt tube sadly gave up the ghost last year after more the twenty years of use and now I need something to replace it.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
I'm thinking about trying the new grunt call made by Hooks Custom Calls. It's called The Messenger If I remember right. I saw it on Growing Deer TV on Youtube.
I had 4 or 5 different ones never really liked the sound of any, so I didn't use them much. Last year I bought and Extinguisher by Illusion and it sounds great, dont hesitate to use it now.
Im with Twolftg, I've used several calls and this one works the best and sounds good, plus you can adjust the pitch and get deeper or softer grunts and even doe calls on it. Plus it comes with a good instructional DVD
Thanks for the replies guys, I have an Extinguisher on the way in addition to a custom grunt tube from Mike Kobles.
He demonstrated one over the phone today and.....well.....now I will have two. lol
I never grunted in a shooter buck until 2014. I grunted in both bucks I killed, and also the only buck I killed in 2015. Bought from a local guy in MO, he's a game warden here. I bought both my buddies one. Don't know what the secret is, but I'm sold.

Those are great looking calls too, good to see that there are alternatives to mass produced grunt tubes. Sometimes it's just that little extra touch that makes a difference. Can't wait to test both of mine this season when the timing/circumstances are right, times getting shorter, Oct 1 here.