Where to buy Shenandoah pawpaw seedlings


I'm interested in adding a few more pawpaws to my home place. I have 4 seedlings from SWCD and I was looking at the pawpaws in catalogs and thinking how expensive they are. Just curious where you all have purchased (and would recommend buying) named pawpaw cultivars such as Shenandoah? Google offers enough places to buy them and many look like good, reputable sellers . . . but they're all $30 and up. One Green World has a big variety of pawpaws and a 3-tree bundle for $75, but it looks like these prices are for barely-2-feet-tall seedlings. Maybe is because of how early they establish a strong taproot?
I suppose it's like other fruits - domestic/named varieties really are more productive and have better fruits?
I would look at Englands Orchard out of Ky. Honestly 30 is probably what is expected when it comes to pawpaws. They are an odd fruit and unlike apples and pears that are grown and sold commercially. If you want to cut cost the best way would be to plant some seedlings from some place like MDC and then graft the varieties that you want on them later.
Thanks DLH, to raise trees from seed and graft them over has been my intended approach. I haven't even seen my first wild pawpaw after more than a year of searching, but I hope to get some seeds from a friend this year. I guess that's step 1, and the next step in two years is to get scion wood.