When is the best time to hunt around the full moon?

Dads Son

I'm planning to hunt late season and the full moon is Jan. 21 and I was wondering when you think would be the best time to hunt? The week before or right after? Those 2 weeks are about the only weeks that work for me.
Lots of GPS collar studies show that the moon has little to no effect on deer movement. I monitor wind direction and temperatures when I decide to hunt. Wind direction so I choose the right stand. And temperatures because too warm and the mosquitoes come out!
Age old question. Where you hunt is important. More important is hunting the same area for thirty years or more. Where I hunt is very ag oriented. On a full moon I've seen most movement in the mid afternoon till dark.
But if I did not know the area, I'd sit all day and take a stand nap mid day. I'd go the week before during the first quarter. I don't have much confidence the week after the full moon(going into the third quarter.