When do you set up your blind?

Captain Belly

New Member
Of course......this is for those of us who hunt out of blinds......
I like to set mine up 6 weeks before opening day of rifle season. Whatcha think? too early....too late?
I agree - the sooner the better. You may need to refreshen any natural camo but the more the deer have a chance to get used to it the better.
image.jpeg Most of my blinds stay up year round but I do set up a pop up sometimes, and two to three weeks before season is about average for me, but I brush them in well. This one is on a property I hunt away from home. Another just like it is about 250 yd. out my back door. Very comfortable to hunt.
There was one left on my new lease that I will use. In addition I am setting up a new one this weekend.

Our Archery starts in a month.