whats wrong with my trees


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My oaks and fruit trees are mostly looking like crap this year. Winter was cold/dry -25 several days, Spring was dry and warmed to 100s quickly, then june/july we got 20" of rain with temps in low 70s a lot of days, now we are back to hot and dry. Weather could be a big factor. Even our corn crops are yellow looking.

Many of my oaks are yellow this year and leaves are turning brown. Sawtooth oaks looked to have chlorosis and now look dead. Swamp whites are really yellow looking as well and iron does not help. This bur oak in particular has me confused, every year it looks weird. New leaves tend to come out all sorts of deformed and mishaped but this year its a very pea green color compared to other trees, leaves are covered in spots and its not doing much growing and now the new growth is starting to deform again. Leaf spot? anthrocrose? dig it up and replace?

Secondly all of my pear trees look bad. My 3yr old kieffer looked weird this winter, last 15" or so of most of the branches were black/dead. I thought blight or freeze damage so I cut the black off mostly. Once it leafed out the leaves were very yellow almost a pale white, hasnt grown much at all this summer and now the leaves have developed spots which then turned almost the entire leaf brown and curled. My new ayers are now doing similar, they grew like crazy but now everythings yellow/white and curling up brown. Leaf spot? blight? weather?


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