What to do ?


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I'm looking for suggestions on a couple food plots. Last fall, I planted wheat/elbon rye in these plots. After the season was over, the crop went to seed as usual. I bush hogged them a few weeks ago simply because I was already there mowing the roads. Of course the hogs had already been there rooting around for what seed they could find and I called myself just redistributing the wheat/rye stalks in prep for discing in a couple more weeks.

We were over there today clearing some roads and prepping stands, etc. and the food plots have volunteer wheat or rye ( both? ) coming up. They are about 3" to 5" tall. We have had 8" of rain in August which is very uncommon for East Texas. My plan is to leave the grain and broadcast some crimson clover in the plots and see what develops. The plots have anywhere from 50% to 75% coverage now, and I was just figuring on sweetening the pot a little with the clover. Worst case in my mind is, it quits raining and the crop dies. In which case I would go ahead with the original plan to plant about the third week in September.

Discuss and critique my plan please, because I've never done this before. Thanks !