What might this shrub be?


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I have this near my suburban house. Grows slow but stay green all winter. Can grow from cuttings. Any thoughts on planting as a (future)screen on my hunting property?IMG_6897.JPGIMG_6896.JPG

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I would say an ornamental Ilex (holly) of some type. Leaves look like Nellie R. Stevens, but I think that particular one kills out in winter above Zone 6, so probably just another similar Ilex with a little better cold tolerance.

If it gets tall enough, it might make a good screen. Depends on whether your deer decide to eat or rub them.
I was going to say a Holly.. Pretty plants, pain in the butt to maintain once they decide to take off. They don't grow evenly. Always have one or two branches that are 2ft higher than the rest. If you trim them a couple of times a year, they are nice looking bushes and are even prettier when they have their red berries on them.