What is this?


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I saw these at a golf course today. They were thick and 10 to 12 feet tall. The looked lie they would make a awesome screen.


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Its definitely Phragmites. Very invasive plant that has taken over cattail swamps here in Michigan. The state is eradicating it because it's a major problem here. IMHO, don't plant it...
It was on a golf course in Michigan. I see your from Brighton, the golf course was Chemung Hills in Howell. Small world! Thanks!
I have seen this stuff along railroad tracks in Missouri and it quickly takes over everything. Seems to be a pretty nasty invasive but it would make a great screen. Imo I would not plant for fear of it taking over my nwsg.

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displacing cat tails is a problem, red winged black birds use it as a nesting material and are hard pressed to build with this new fangled phragmites.........