What is this?? Plant ID please


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Can anyone identify this plant?? When I first drove up to the plot I thought I had a fantastic stand of rye.......on closer inspection, it's something else.......but what??



Get better pictures.

I can think of half a dozen grasses that might be, but can't say without better pictures.
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I planted rye. No better photos for awhile, my place is an hour from home.

I'm thinking I need to get it mowed before it goes to seed!!
It's not wheat, it's not really making a head like wheat and rye do.

It's 12-18" tall at this point. I wish the photos were better, I took them with my cell phone in bright light and couldn't tell they weren't very good.
Not wheat I have some come up like that in a couple spots I need to take care of also. Not sure what it is but Gly will kill it.
Hard to believe I have such a great stand of it, almost like I planted it!

This particular food plot was an area that was treated with spike many years ago then had regrown in oaks and hickories. I had it cleared with a dozer in 2010 and have been planting it with limited success since then. I put 1000 pound of pelletized lime on it last year, disked it well and broadcast 150 pounds of VNS cereal rye (purchased from Stillwater Milling Company).....the deer used it regularly. I had not checked on the plot since February and found this when I visited on Memorial Day.

The plot could really use some organic matter......any problem mowing this before it seeds then spraying it in August before I plant??
If you are wanting to build om I would go ahead and mow it. I got one sandy plot that is what I am trying to do. Just make sure to always have something growing on it.

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Plantain will have a broadleaf base near the ground...I can't believe if you planted cereal rye there that you would have none now...it can be browsed to the ground and will still eventually outpace the deer and get 5' tall...
Yep it was quite a surprise!! There are a few stalks of rye in the field but not much, it really looks like I planted what I posted. The deer utilized it like they always do, don't know if they eat plantain??

I bought the VNS cereal rye at Stillwater Milling last August and I suspect it was old seed due to the amount of bugs in it, but it did look like rye.......I do still have a bucket of it left, guess I could plant some and see what happens but then what??