What is on my apple trees?


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Went out and pruned my fruit trees this weekend and the apple tree branches are cover with a light grey substance. Looks like mold or dust, did not realize until I got home that pictures were not in focus. What should I do? Will it kill my trees?

Did a controlled burn in my orchard.


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Would it rub off, and if so, what did your fingers look like?
I suspect aphids, but I'm not certain, (or an expert, for that matter). With the picture, being so out of focus, this is only an educated guess. If so, dormant oil, neem oil, pyrethrin are some options.
You can spray when trees won't freeze but before they leaf out. I usually spray in late February, or March, normally at the same time I prune.
I have a thread on here titled "One single spray for all your fruit trees". I believe this would help your trees.
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If they are aphids, when you rub them off, your fingers will be a rusty to a purple color. The reason is, you are killing the aphids, and the color, is their remains.
If it's a mildew, it will only partially rub off, and your hand will look similar to the tree.
This may be the best I can do with the photo.
BTW your burn looks excellent and it will bring on lots of new growth.
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In the north I agree @Chipdasqrrl this is normal thing up here. I don't believe it's any sort of disease or critter it's just the way they look when coming back awake.