What do you think this guy will score?

Sorry all i have for photos right now. Hes alot heavier then photos look main beams and 5 1/4 inch or more most of way through
It takes a massive 8 pointer to get above 150. That's a great buck but I don't think it will clear 150. Think G is a little low but he has seen a lot more bigger deer than me. I would guess around 140.
Mid 30's. I just had a guy take a 156" 8 point with a sticker 9th. It takes a giant 8 point to break 150" This is the picture of the mainframe 8.


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I used my BuckScore software and measured twice(head on the table). 1st time was 126 2/8", 2nd time was 122 2/8". Both gross score.
Great deer--a shooter anytime here. He great mass which comes with age and that's our best shot here. In addition to other photo comments I would also consider changing the angle of the photo so the background is more natural with no cars or equipment in the background. Congratulations on your deer--126 2/8 or 145, he's a real bruiser!

How much did he dress out at?
He should score very high in your list of memories. I would echo the sentiments about the picture...hopefully you have much better images with which to augment that memory. Please don't show that picture to non-hunters, lest you make anti-hunters out of them.

Weight and age are what matter...where hunting is concerned, scores are for folks who are generally not focused on the right things.