What do I have here?


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I've been waiting about 8 years for this sapling-planted native persimmon to set fruit. Is that what I'm seeing among the leaves here?
I can tell it is flowers, but can't tell for sure if male or female. Leaning toward male, because I think I see a spot where two are forming at the same place. Females will always be a single flower. When they open up, get some better pics. They are easy to tell apart.
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NTV, got a bunch more pics today but unfortunately I've lost the sequence for getting files out of my phone and into a reply. It's a generational thing. Bottom line is that the pics show single blossoms some of which are in clumps of 3 - 10. On other branches there are solitary blossoms (which I now have high hopes for). I'm just going to go out there with a notebook and number the trees and print out the blossom pattern for each tree. Or I guess I can just wait until the fall and have the trees tell me the story. In any case, it's all good news when previously barren trees start showing gobs of blossoms. I guess it's time to re-read the threads on how to solve the raccoons in the tree problem.
Great thread. If I'd gone back far enough to find it I could have saved us both some time. I'm probably a week away from definitive female sexing but I can certainly classify my male trees now. And I've still got a half dozen trees that I put in as saplings 4, 5 and 6 years ago. Something to look forward to as they come of age.