What are my pear options?


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I've got a 'deer pear' from Nativ Nursuries that is now about 20 ft tall, growing wildly in all directions. I'll post pics if I can get them downsized to fit. I have access to about two dozen Bartlett and Keiffer scions. I don't have any 'deer pear' fruits to protect - only a half dozen each year, marble sized. My tree has numerous leaders, 2 to 4 inches in diameter. My goal is earliest possible fruiting of edible pears. Do I whack the deer pear back to graft onto a six foot stump, graft onto every branch over an inch thick, do a couple dozen pencil thick scions out on the branches or ????
I would stick to the Keiffer scions. I cut off and grafted my Bartletts, too susceptible to blight. I grafted branches but I am no expert.
I think it depends on the size of the tree. Pics would deff help. How big around is it at 6 feet
Did some bartlett's last spring on selected branches. Pretty good success, but then we didn't have much fire blight last summer. The scions for this year will be off a bartlett that's been in the ground for 4 years now and has survived a couple of bad blight years.
I'm guessing diameter is about 6 inches, maybe a hair more.
If the diameter is around 6 inches you could cut it off at six feet and rind graft it two to three times.