WGF Sorghum


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I'm considering putting WGF into a plot blend I'm making for next year. I've got a few questions for anyone that's grown it. I'm in the north, a zone 3 area. I'm wondering when you are supposed to plant it. I have read that it's a shorter season sorghum, but I've also read that when it matures it'll shatter and drop its seeds to the ground.

I'm hoping to avoid that and have this stuff standing up through the snow. So I'm trying to figure out if I should plant right away in the spring with the rest of my blend, or in early july when I start spraying out some of the fillers and distractors in my blend. I'd prefer spring so I know I can get it going without sunlight competition and get good seed to soil contact.

My first frost can be as early as mid to late september.
I plant a mix that includes WGF. I plant early spring. I Dont have heavy snow falls so I don't know how it will hold up but it is a very strong stemmed plant. The seeds on mine did not shatter. Deer will eat the seed heads once they mature. I see no foraging on the actual plant during the growth stage. I really like WGF.
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I planted this on June 22nd (4B\4A area)

On the 15th it looked like this

I haven't noticed anything dropping seed to the ground, but haven't looked at it since the 15th.
I second dogdoc's experience. Very hearty plant. Seed heads stayed intact for browsing into late winter.

We even have some growing "wild" under our bird feeder in the yard and Hurricane Matthew did not destroy them or damage the heads.
I planted in late May this year. Zone 6. So early summer weather here. Looks great right now. Deer have been eating on it since the heads matured about a month ago!
I plant mine end of May first of June and that seems to work me.


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