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I finally was able to get my wetland CRP re enrolled.Part of it wasn't really designed right and stayed too wet for NWSG.They are trying to find something to plant after killing off the smart weed. Any suggestions?This is in Kansas and only gets wet once in a while and floods for a few days every couple years.
For seasonal wetlands that you are allowed to plant I'd plant cheap and fast annuals like MRC and oats during the dry periods. But crp is a bit different, but I'd still consider clover as part of the mix. Clover likes moisture.
I have a similar spot that I planted in trefoil, silky dogwood and swamp rose. It’s now full of other stuff but it was a good combination.

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Don't know if they will allow it but SWO - or hybrids like Regal Prince or Kindred Spirit would tolerate the water levels you describe. I've had Kindred Spirit columnar white oaks stand in water for up to 2 weeks with no adverse effect. Plant them in small groves with some high ground and you will have a food source and bedding too boot. Good luck.
I would look into native trees and shrubs that like wet feet. Your DNR/NRCS should be able to tell you what those plants are. Dogwoods and willows first come to mind. Some oaks like wet feet as well. Something else to do is copice the trees once they get established....this will essentially turn a tree into a shrub and help with the cover aspect.
They haven't been alot of help,I would just stick willows all over it and make a bedding area but I had to fight to keep it in CRP as they said there was too much johnson grass.