Welter Seed Big Buck Brassica Mix


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I noticed that Welter added a mix of LC's favorites. Maybe we should start a call in campaign to get them to name it after Paul in next year's catalog.

From this year's catalog:
BIG BUCK BRASSICA MIX . . . . . . . . . . . . Per lb. $2.65 By popular demand, we have formulated a mixture of our customers favorite brassicas in a special blend! Big Buck Brassica Mix is a mixture of Purple Top Turnips, multi crowned Pasja Hybrid brassica, Ground Hog Radish, Dwarf Essex Rape – excellent as a deer attractant and feed source! Plant 7-10 lbs. per acre.
I got a bag of it this year. I thought I might have an issue with the different seed sizes through the spreader all at once but, I think it spread well. I really like the idea of walking the field once instead of 3 times.:) Now I just need some rain. Awfully scarce this year.
I planted today and had the same surprising results with my spreader. At 10lbs per acre and only going over once, it seemed like I spread far less overall than I had in past years. If it turns out that I used to overseed, the Welters LC Big Buck Brassica Mix will actually turn out to be a money saver.
Ordered my LC brassica seeds, separately from another vendor, spent 2 times what I would have on this mix. Got free shipping at least. Wish I would have known!
The shipping charges hurt. I bought 10lbs of the mix for $26.50 plus $15 UPS for a total of $41.50. I can buy Daikon Radish and Rape Seed locally at one ag store and Turnips somewhere else. The average would be around $3.50 per pound (plus sales tax) but in larger quantities that I really want. Exactly the seeds and quantity that I want arriving at my door makes it worth the overall extra cost to me.
You aren't too far from me, Im in Bedford, between roanoke and Lynchburg, when are you planning to plant? hoping to get mine in the ground this coming weekend.
Hopefully this week depending on the weather. UPS notice says delivery will be tomorrow.
Good to see some locals.I have some family in your area.
20160802_101722-600x800.jpg It's been 7 days since I planted and it's already popping pretty well. The soil was moist on planting day and then we got 0.1 inches 3 days later and 0.98 inches 2 days after that.


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I planted this first of August and had good germination. Sadly, we had a major grass infestation (the seed was clean). The grass really slowed down growth, but the deer haven't cared, they are in it day and night. Notwithstanding the forage growth, turnips are racquetball sized. I will use again as its cheaper than having Welters mix the LC mix into separate 10lb bags. I've always had good luck with their seed and have been pleased with their service.
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I hope to plant it again this weekend. Yes, I plant the whole 10 lbs per acre. They ate it to the dirt last season despite a bad grass infestation.
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