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IMG_0142.JPG Anyone have any experience with the drift less spray " weed wiper" systems?

Recommendations on one for a UTV?

Considering one for my tree plantations and food plots .


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Lots of DIY versions on the net. I believe I've watched a few on YouTube. I have never used one but have wanted on to use on Johnson grass
I have never used one either, but I love the idea. This would really allow you to address weeds without killing everything! Weeds like thistle and johnsongrass come to mind since they tend to grow considerably taller than many of the plot plants we grow. I have even toyed around with the idea of a means to convert my boom sprayer to something like this, but I have not actually experimented in that effort yet.
You can make one fairly inexpensive from PVC and painters drop cloth canvas and a small rubber tube with a garden mister valve for air regulation (prevents vacuum lock in the PVC). I did a post years ago on QDMA. Mount it on back of ATV as it will flick herbicide when driving over stiff tall weeds. Don't try and run it over briers or brambles....anything woody with thorns creates issues.

They also make one where nozzles spray herb on a roller covered with short pile carpet.....sold commercially.
I have one that I attached to my bucket so I could raise it up and down.It worked ok.With the resistant weeds I have stayed with using cleth for grass,24D for some weeds when needed and plateau or the new replacement for it when spraying for johnson grass in NWSG.In fact I would part with my 4 ft or you can look up how to build one