Webinar: Effects of growing-season prescribed burning on vigor of the noxious weed sericea lespedeza


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This is one of the better videos on serecia control because it covers the details of plant growth, physiology and genetics which are key points for eradication. Note, lack of grazing after Aug 1 combined with long term dormant season fire promotes the plant. Those management activities have created a 'wild type' serecia which is tougher plant than improved cultivars.....eg a natural GMO. Like I have stated before serecia likes long rest periods without disturbance!
I have this crap growing in some pretty large patches. I was planning chemical warfare next year. Maybe this fall for what is alive right now? Thought i read somewhere that it needed to be sprayed relatively early in the season.
Interesting research. I would like to try a Sept burn at my place but I am not sure I have enough dry material to carry a fire during growing season. Killing a 40 ft locust tree definitely got my attention in the video!