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Does anyone have problems with waterhemp? If so, if there a pre-emergent herbicide you can use prior to planting brassica that don’t have a residual? Any help would be great
Preemergent success is based on their residual impact. If you can wait two weeks, spray 24d and then plant 2 weeks later.This late in the season I don't think there is too much waterhemp germinating.
I think it’s carpetweed after a closer look. Thx for the reply Willy. Another question I have is Gly vs 2-4D. I know 2-4D is broadleaf only. My question is will 2-4D give a longer kill time of broadleafs than Gly before the weeds grows back?
The weeds I’m targeting are carpetweed for sure. The other weed is either bouncing bet, soapwort or white campion. I’ve always sprayed Gly like 5-6 days before planting my plots. My question is, is there a stronger herbicide than Gly that I can spray now that will hold back these weeds for a longer period of time from coming back so my plants will have a chance to canopy and shade out these weeds. This carpetweed is insane. I realize if there is a herbicide and I’m sure there is, that I will prob have to wait a week or so before planting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Do you have a local COOP around that sprays for farmers? They would know what works best in your area.

From my research, Carpetweed is pretty easy, a strong dose of 2-4D will do the job. If you wait 2 weeks depending on the rains youll be fine to plant.

Soapweed is another animal. After finding this: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/agconservation/bouncingbet it looks to be a tough thing to kill, the only chemical I have experience with on the list is Tordon, BUT if you use Tordon, you wont be able to grow beans or most other broadleaves for many, many years. So I would see about the other ones, youll need to check the life of the chemical, and the plantback restrictions for whatever youre planting
Big: it’s Soapwort or white campion, not soapweed. A guy on another site told me it was white campion. So I think it’s carpetweed and white campion I’m dealing with. I called my local co-op twice and they still haven’t got back to me. They are suppose to be working on it but I think they don’t know either. Sounds like I’ll do the 2-4D and Gly combo and pray for good rains. I’ve never had problems prior to this farm. My brassicas always came in nice.
Ya, a mix of 4oz/Gal of 2-4D and 4oz/Gal of Gly and a 10gal/acre rate of water should do a heck of a number on them.