Water proofing older clothing


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I have this old +20 years old duck hunting coat. Gor tex parka from way back. Love the coat for fishing now, have not duck hunted in many years but this coat is perfect for fishing in the rain and snow. Just one problem...... The RAIN and SNOW. Its not so waterproof anymore. Any suggestions on how to water proof it again.

Spays, silicone, kinds??????

Looking for quality brands that you used and it really works.


I may be wrong, but part of what makes the cloth rainproof is the finish (DWR?) of the outerwear on top of the GoreTex. I believe that is why GoreTex and other membranes aren't submersible waterproof. I have an old Cabelas DryPlus coat from the 1990's that I have restored using a GoreTex wash designed for that purpose. Works almost as good as new. It's less effective on boots in my experience because it takes a high heat in the dryer to set the product that I have used.