Want a Cheap Road Screen Out of Cuttings - What 2 Use - How 2 Do


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Our hunting farm was logged. A huge log yard was created right on a county paved road. I want a cheap road screen and I want to create it out of cuttings.

Would want the advice to center on two topics:

1) What trees / shrubs to use,

2) How to Do this.

I have a greenhouse that I will be learning how to use to my advantage. I probably will put up protective fence to protect the cuttings when they hit their final location. This fence will be removed and relocated later on.

I am thinking about a sand box for cutting with a timer to mist them.

I will not plant anything that has thorns that would cause trouble for tractor tires. Had enough tire issues in 2016 to last me.

Ninebark, hybrid willow, what else.

I hope Brushpile, Turkey Creek and others will help me out. I hope this is a learning tool for all of us - habitat guys. I figure this is a two-year project for us to establish and complete.

Thanks for any guidance you can give. :)
In December and January, I am going to transplant small cedars to spread across this opening. I hope I can get enough to have two lines of those about 6 feet apart. They will not be close inside the row. Just want them to establish my line. We want to eliminate vehicle traffic onto our property and in time eliminate line of site. Inside the old log yard, I hope to have a good tree plot: chestnuts, swamp white oak, dco, pears, sequins, saw tooth, bur and chinkapin. Right now I have chestnut and swamp white oak in tubes. Variety will be provided.

We will eventually put up a gate to control track. As I said at two year project.

Will try to get clover between the trees with some chicory included.

I will post some photos in the upcoming week.

Thanks brush - I hope I am a worthy student. :rolleyes: