Unintentional edge feathering


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I spent the afternoon with my BIL at my wife's home farm. Several years ago we cut back a bunch of small trees that were encroaching from the edge of the woods into the field. Mostly small ash, elm and maple. I was impressed by the amount of stump suckers exploding along that cleaned edge, filling in with raspberry and tall grass. This is a fairly open woodlot, and even this narrow band of brush dramatically reduces visibility into the woods. Now this has me thinking about thickening some other edges along the field/woods.

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Can i hunt there?:D
Seriously, great looking edge you got going on, intentional or not.
In general, these small woodlots are much denser than they were a decade ago, mostly due to the loss of ash trees to the EAB. Across the road, behind my MIL's house , is a 4 acre woods full of standing dead ash trees, mixed with Oaks and hickories. The amount of sunlight getting to the ground has about doubled, making for a much higher stem density.

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Edge feathering/buffers are great tools.....looks like you did well. Sunlight is a very powerful habitat tool once we figure out how to use it.
Looks great. I can't believe how fast the results come on my place in NE Ohio. I can open up the canopy in the spring and have a nasty tangle by September.