Turnips in food plot


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I went a little over board on turnips in my food plots. I have a lot that are still in the ground. Should I just till them in and let decay?
I would let them rot without tilling. You could also spread some other seed for something to grow this summer and maybe pull a drag over everything to get some good seed to soil contact for the new summer crop.

In the fall I planted red clover and chicory with my brassica crop. I have lots of brassicas left too. I won't need to do anything since my other seed are already in the ground...

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Just let them rot.....it will stink, but it won't hurt anything.....heck some of mine even survive the winter and will bolt come spring and flower and produce seed if you leave them alone! Depending on what the plan is for the plot come spring - just deal with it then. Like Native said you can toss small hard seed like clover into it and go that route as well. Tilling now essentially doesn't gain you anything unless your planting something that requires it right away.
Agreed. Whatever the remaining turnips mined is returned as fertilizer. What will be you following crop?