Trimming trees


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I pulled tree tubes off yesterday and a couple of my fruit trees looked strange. When I received my fruit trees, the main lead was already trimmed. That main lead is now dead it looks like. No green in the top couple inches of it at all. But it had many little shoots that are green and alive growing from it. What to do? Is that main lead done growing?

I used my pruning sheers on the main lead, the last inch or so of it because the top was brown and appeared dead.

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Mitch, I moved this to the "Fruit Trees" section for you. On your description are you saying the main tree died and it is now root sprouting?
Thank you. Posting on my phone it was difficult to find the right topic.

The main tree where the nursery trims at an angle looks brown and dead. I clipped off about an inch with my shears and it was still brown and appeared dead but there are shoots coming out of that same trunk that are alive.

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Yes once they are headed the original central leader will not continue to grow. They should have been headed back to a viable dormant side bud. The upper most of those live buds will become your new central leader. Are there buds in that dead portion of the old central leader? If so they may have winter killed.