Tree screen for tower blind?


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On a different topic someone suggested a towerblind with tree screen. Does anyone currently do this or have pictures of one. Here is my blind, would like to hide it more. It's in a low area on a levy. Suggestions?

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I have done this with two of my box blinds. I used hybrid willow, hybrid poplar, and cedar. The deer browse the hades out of the decidious ones but finally have made it past that damage and it is going to shape up nicely on the first blind I did this to. The second one I planted cuttings this spring and tubed them. The deer kept them browed to the tube tops. I am building a fence enclosure around them so that in two years it will be screened in nicely. This year I used sun hemp and sudex to screen it and that is looking good right now. I figure another year of that and the hybrid willows will have the job done and I won't have to mess with the annuals.

Sorry no pics currently.
I think it does look better after a couple months they walk right by them anyway.Have to watch some of those vines I have seen them pull structures apart also the leaves usually fall
What about adding fencing to the outside and attach fake Christmas tree branches to it , and the legs ? Last a LONG time and no waiting :)
The best screen that is permanent that I have seen is gray dogwood shrubs. They form dense thickets that shield your movement from deer. It would take a little bit for them to grow into a screen in front of your tower but they are an awesome screen. They would grow to the height of the bottom of your shooting house. You can buy seedlings from several different nurseries. I would do a manmade screen until they grew up to the desired height.
To hide the top I would get one of the large army surplus tarps/nets. Then around the base of the blind plant some conifers (pines or cedars) or some MG. The combination should do the trick. Some sort of vine (creeper) on the support structure could help as well.

My tower blinds stick out like yours does and I don't seem to have much issue with the deer paying much attention to them. In fact mine have a 12" square orange SMV flag on them and the deer don;t seem to care!