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I'm looking to purchase 6-8 late dropping apple trees. I'm in West central Wi and prefer b118 or m111 rootstock. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks.
I’ve had great experiences dealing with Northern Whitetail Crabs, St. Lawrence, Wildlife Group, and Nativ Nurseries.

Pros and cons to each. I do like the fact that Cummings’s offers multiple root options, might have to place an order with them next year. Our property is close to Big Horse Creek Farm, I need to look into placing orders with them as well.

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I ordered from Woodstock Nursery in Wi. Their trees are spendy but I've always received high quality trees from there.
Trees of antiquity, is where I have gotten mind from lately. They are not the cheapest trees, but they have an excellent selection of disease resistant cultivars, that have good caliper and excellent root masses. Most all of their apple trees are on M111 rootstock.