Tree ID?

split toe

I’m going to hack and squirt and kill this tree and release some oaks around it if it is not a valuable tree, I don’t think it is?

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It looks like a mulberry to me. If so, I would keep it.

It looks like you have fruit hanging down below the leaves on the first pic. Can you get a close up of it?

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It's Morus Rubra (Red Mulberry). The fruit is usually black when ripe, but there can be some variation due to hybridization with other mulberry species. Red is the mulberry that is native to the United States. It's a good tree for both wildlife and humans.

PS: It appears to be a pure Red or almost pure Red, but could be a cross. No matter - it is a good tree.
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Damn, I was hoping it was useless. It is crowding a couple of white oaks and it was on my "hit list"

It can never hurt those white oaks. They will grow twice as tall as that mulberry. When you eat some of the fruit in a few weeks you will be glad you left it.

Or you could just take the Chuck and Nancy approach and call good "bad" and bad "good." Then you could whack it down and not feel guilty.......;)
Youve not lived till you have watched a bear standing on its hind legs to pluck the berries off gingerly with its lips as if its kissing its firstborne. I agree, except perhaps stealing some moisture from adjacent oak trees, it should be a non competiter. Leave them.
The definition of a weed is something growing where you don’t want it to. Wait until the mulberry’s are gone then release the oaks. That tree will be reseeded somewhere near I guarantee it.