Tree excitement.


Thought I found a crab apple tree. Went back today for a closer look. It's a plum. I think a native plum. Can anyone confirm it?

Wasn't much flesh on the stone. Took a bite and talk about astringent! It needs released. Gotta work on that when my saw has a new fuel line installed.

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That closeup one in the second pikture is the one I tasted. Should it be deeper red? I'venever been around native plums before.

Color/Ripening really depends on the type of native plum and the tree itself. It’s kind of hard to tell from that picture if that tree is a single trunk or multi stemmed. Probably American Plum or possibly a Mexican Plum based off of the location. I’d take a picture of the bark and post it as well. I’m not familiar with American plum as that variety is not native down here, but I’m sure others will pipe up with more info on ripening etc. on those.

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First 2 pictures are closer views of the plum tree. The last is a huge tree that scares me. It towers over everything and is right behind the plum. I think it is a cottonwood and the base is 18 to 24 inches in diameter. I'm thinking of cutting a thick hinge in it and letting the wind take it down. If my name was Kvothe I could command the wind. :)

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If the large tree doesn't have leaves then what do you gain by cutting it down? It's not robbing any sun and appears to be dead so probably not robbing water either.
I agree with the others. Sometimes we need to know when to leave well enough alone. That large dead tree will come down on it's own...hopefully slowly. I hate cutting large trees, I hate cutting dead trees....cutting large dead trees....I simply refuse to do. Also keep in mind dead trees have other habitat benefits as well...dens, wood sources for woodpeckers and perches for hawks. ONLY way I deal with that tree is if I have a professional out for other reasons and THEY can take the risk of bringing it down.

I think what you have is a plum as well and releasing it is a good call. The taste and lack of flesh may be because of it struggling to get what it needs. If you release it I suspect you will see more in other areas over time as the critters disperse the seed for you as well as better fruit.
Cut down the big cottonwood Saturday. Stunk like a sewer. Didn't get the notch clean so it tilted and stopped. Cut a little more in the back cut and it fell the rest of the way. Made a heck of a racket and snapped off a 6 inch choke cherry about 8 feet off the ground. Hope a friend wants the wood. Plum tree is unscathed. Had an aw-crap moment. Had a trail cam pointed at the plum. It was screwed into a broken but not detached branch of the cottonwood. Yup, forgot to remove it. Bent the eye screw but other than that it is fine.