Treating wood.


I bought a "hay rack" to gain a little elevation with my ground blind. Future plans are to put a box blind on it. Right now I would like to treat the wood so it doesn't weather much worse. For me shotgun deer season it the weekend before Thanksgiving. Is it too late to treat with boiled linseed oil? I'm worried that it would give off an odor that would make deer suspicious. Or, would the sooner I get it done and put in place be better so they become acclimated to it?

I'll get pictures this weekend after I get new duds for my daughters casual wedding.

I would stick it out there and do the staining next year if your worried about the smell. Plus, if you stick a box blind on it, then the weather treatment of the deck might not matter as much.

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Was dark before I got home today. I will try to get pictures again tomorrow. Doesn't look good though with church in the morning and a antique engine club meeting in the afternoon. I watched gravity box wagons sell at auction with the cheapest being $350. The hayrack I got has no stringers so the theory is it was a roadside stand wagon. If I had a box type wagon I would bolt 2x6 hangers on the inside so that the bottom of deck would be a little above the rim of the box. That way moisture wouldn't be trapped between the steel and the wood. I'd overhang the edges some also.

I took some pictures of the base I made to put my ground blind on. Bought 6 2x4's and used 5. The bed is uneven lengthwise and crosswise at the front

Platform for ground blind. View 1

Platform view 2.

I can't find a name anywhere on the running gear. I took a picture of the tongue in hopes someone would recognize who made it.

[url=]Tounge. Don't know who made the running gear.
by Eugene McMahon, on Flickr

The U will swivel 180 degrees. Every tube is made by rolling a strip of steel and leaving it unwelded. Even the long tube that makes up the spine. Anyone know who made it?