Trail cameras are.....

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So I put together this post during a way too long all day uneventful sit as it sums up a lot of my feelings surrounding trail cameras, and some that I've heard during my time on this and the other forum. This is meant to be VERY light hearted and satirical; I am merely poking fun at myself and others who probably take all of this too seriously. Feel free to add any of your affections or disenchantments with trail cams. So with out any further ado...

They let me know what deer are around, giving me confidence that my management plans are working.

I get familiar with the deer on my land and I'm able to give them sweet names based obscurely on their antlers. Just like the pros!

They keep me warm and happy knowing no UNAUTHORIZED @$$**** is stepping on any of MY DIRT!!

They let me know what areas are being frequented by the deers so i can make tough decisions regarding when and where to hunt.

Checking SD cards is like Christmas morning every time, and only costs gas money and $1.50/lithium battery! And i get an excuse to go to the farm!

If i stare at these pictures long enough, I'm certain to discover a matoor buck pattern.

There isn't a single matoor buck roaming my woods or that meets my now lofty standards. Am i doing something wrong? I thought huge bucks loved these radishes/clover/crackberries that i worked my @$$ off to plant!! Or is my farm just a piece of $h**? Should I sell it and move to Iowa? No, i just need more money/land/norways/protein/cover/plots/nut trees/sanctuary and THEN I'll have more big bucks and be happy!

I just got a picture of a DOG. Who do not happen to make good bedfellows with matoor bucks. My big buck hunting is ruined. Should I go doghunting? Could i even shoot a dog? But what if it had a collar, meaning someone gave it a NAME? Although I do try and shoot deer that I'VE named...

Just look at my tiny deer. Even the matoor ones are too small. I would be embarrassed to post them on my forum when legends like "MDUFFY" are posting pics of hogs every week!

Why even bother going hunting today? There's nothing but 2 year olds on my farm this year. And i'd be embarrassed to bring one of those home. I must need to shoot more does...

Lithium batteries are kind of expensive. Especially when I'm running 8 cams on 40 acres...
"Maybe if I stay outta the woods after memorial day I'll see bucks during daylight hours during hunting season."
"That one doe needs to die. She's driving everyone else away."
"I'm not even going to put cameras out this year, Just gonna be ten thousand pictures of the same 2 does and 3 fawns."
Good to use for early season to get a good idea of what deer you have, good for scrapes during the rut , but.... they don't tell the whole story. I would not hunt days at a time because no bucks were on my camera in daylight, then one evening I hunted and had 7 different bucks come by my stand and not a single one crossed in front of my camera that was 70 yards away