Tractor Supply lime on sale now - 3 for $9

$120 per ton is a good price. I can get it for $92 at an ag supplier, but not everyone has that option, most people have a tractor supply store within reasonable driving distance. At $120 now would be the time to pick up several tons.
It's a good resource for guys that can't get info on their lime too. If you know you need dolomitic, at least you have a reliable source to get it. Calcitic is a little tougher sometimes, but at least there is one nationwide resource to point guys at for one of them. They did carry a calcitic lime at one point, but I don't know if that was gonna be a regular item. I haven't been back since the snow moved in.
Thanks Bowhunter, I need a little for two small new food plots. I guess I’d better pick it up Saturday.
I'm going to pick up another ton just because Tractor Supply only runs this sale once a year typically.

I have a half ton leftover from last year so I should be good for a while.