Top deer rack I have personally laid my hands on.


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Was picking up my two mounts this weekend and saw a rack that blew my mind. Hasn't been scored yet but guessing easily 190"++.

Combination of length and mass carried out is incredible. Not overly wide. It great beam length that overlaps. Thought I'd share.

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Very cool set of antlers! I've seen quite a few 190+ racks (not any that I've shot) and this one is one of the coolest.
Same here. It's less the score, more the mass/length combo. Never had a deer carry that mass with that length. G2 on right side was 15 and some change.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I will poke fun of myself.

I go walking tall into the taxi shop with my best deer to date in hand and start to lay it on the taxi. You lay it on thick too. Your proud of yourself. It's almost like a victory lap. Then, and only then do you see it. Yep - that monster in the corner. And their it goes.....the sail on the S.S. Pride just fluttered and collapsed.....the boat may even start taking on water or burst into flames! Nothing I can say is going to be more interesting than that! It's one thing to have some deer around that are bigger, but something that just dwarfs your latest prize......yep.....that's a pretty good shot to the ego! No need to be angry or the like, just the way life is. You realize your wasting the taxi's time and shake his hand and drag whats left of the S.S. Pride home.....:(

I want to make a recommendation to all Taxi's out there. Put these monster in the other room......I'm not sure my pride can take those sort of sucker punches like that! I have a big enough fight on my hands on where I'm going to hang it at home.....your not helping matters be deflating my ego!:D

That is an awesome deer. I had a similar event when I took a few deer to a local show to be scored. In the main entry of the building was the state record deer was there. My daughter looked at that deer - looked at my two and looked up at me....."You want to just go home dad?" Ever want to punch one of your own children? They get that sarcastic mouth from their mother.....I swear they do!!!

All good......awesome buck.
Very cool looking rack. He is one I would probably screw up field judging. I would see the width and under judge him. I did the same thing with my 174" buck this year. I almost let him walk, first because I thought he was too young and second because I thought he would only go in the 50's. I am glad I dropped the string after seeing him laying on the ground I knew I had under judged him. Of course my kids and buddies made fun of my field judging skills. They are wondering how many deer over 170" I have let walk through the years since I am an idiot at field judging deer. I did the same thing 3 times this year on a mid 60's buck that after seeing some late pictures of him I realized he is ancient. Maybe I need to start wearing my glasses in the field.
Blizzard, not so sure there would be much need to field judge this one. It would take .5 seconds to determine this is a special deer.

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J-bird, in my area I know better walking into a taxidermist. My guy does 70-80 deer a year in a county known for giants. He also does deer for a couple well known TV shows you can find on outdoor channel.

I'm in awe most the time I go in because there is always a handful of booners laying around. Fun to see.

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A buck step out like the one in the OP - he lives on my place.......I'll have some sort of slack jawed, body numbed, physical breakdown. Shoot.....why? In the condition I would be in, I would be more a danger to myself than to the deer!:D Yep, some big game hunter I am!!! I would be the one to forget to take the safety off or put a round in the chamber or something dumb like that to boot......just to help rub it in.
That's a set of horns I wouldn't leave at the taxidermist any longer than I had to. Several stories of people breaking into taxi shops and taking off with racks.

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