Thoughts on supplemental feeding sugar beets?


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In the past I've bought scoops of sugar beets and fed them to the deer from October to January. As far as I know, sugar beets are pretty good for deer. I'd say no more than 20 deer regularly visit, and the location is basically where the deer spend the Winter which is a cedar swamp. I don't have enough space to plant food plots big enough to last through November.
Would you say that it does more harm than good? As far as I can tell, these deer don't have to travel far, as they stay within 200 yards of the site when the snow gets deep. Predation is also very low, and I've never seen any disease within the local herd.

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What is your goal in providing the supplemental food? Do you also hinge cut hardwood trees along the edge of the swamp to create woody browse?

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