This Lady needed to be culled!


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Everybody older than 12 has a system when they get to their tree stand to "setup"
1. tie backpack to paracord
2. tie bow to second paracord
3. climb stand and put hip quiver on left armrest
5. pull up backpack and clip on right armrest
6. remove camo skirt from backpack and put around shooting bar/stand
7. put on head net and gloves ...(ya I know but it is just too hot + it steams up my glasses ...forever!!)
8. pull up bow
9. insert arrow and hunt away
Today I had just finished #7 head net when I put my glasses back on and I am looking straight at a doe 30 yards square in front ...I hunker behind the skirt ....please please go away ...quietly that is sir-ree ....she feeds/looks a kagillion times and won't leave peacefully ...I hear deer below her and a deer orgy is going on behind me%^&$#!*# I decide to reach my now gloved camo arms over the rail and slooooooooowly pulled up my bow inch by inch ...never looked up ...arrow now in place ...doe same distance but to the left a tad ....SCHWACK! ..down ...good as this is doe year for our farm

This doe did not need to be in the gene pool! ..besides we did our last deer roast last week ...but the what ifs have now invaded my simple mind buck of a lifetime and not the doe now I am in "review" of my setup sequence ...keeping safety first ...I'll let you know how it comes out

Have a great and safe season to all

I had this happen several years ago. I now climb with my back pack on or in the seat of my climber. I screw in my bow hanger once my strap is attached and tightened to the climbing stand and pull up my bow. Move #8 to #4 since it is missing anyway and you will be golden.
It happens. For afternoon hunts you always run the chance of having deer come up on you. It's the same in the morning when getting ready to climb down. I've had to pull my bow back up when halfway down the tree at lunch.

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I think we have all had one of those moments. I have had numerous times that is was sending something up or down the tree and had to stop. I was once climbing up the tree in my climber and having "technical difficulties" and had several deer walk in and stand there and watch......I was NOT happy!
Hopefully 3(a) was tying yourself in?
Well ....What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas??? ...actually I hate to admit this but ....I only use 2 of 4 sections of the ladders in my ladder stands ...fanny is 8' off the ground ...I install a camo skirt all the way around the shooting bar and the shooting bar is never raised ,,,so I have arm rests a bit above elbow level and a tied down tube steel shooting bar wrapped around that I am surrounded by railing/backrest 360 degrees and I never stand up ..even to shoot when I am sitting ...only my head and upper 1/3 of my shoulders show

I thought the low height would be a negative ...and it's possible my scent has done some alerting BUT ...I am poking deer with sharp sticks pretty regular...last years buck ...17 points

But yes I agree .....if you are on a tall stand ... little or no wraparound shooting bar . stand up to shoot etc. ..a safety harness is not an option but would be required