This buck likes pears


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This one is 4.5 I'm sure. Pulled this card today after a hunt. The stand I was in is 20 yards behind the pear tree and the cam was 10 yards on this side of the pear tree. I saw him this afternoon but he was 85 yards. My dad is coming to hunt next week and hopefully he gets a crack at him. If not my cousin will be hunting for a buck for the first time this rifle season and this would be a heck of a way to start out.:) I got a pile of pics of him under this tree eating from the ground and off the tree. Several more deer are with him including another nice buck.

Kiefer pear trees had a good quantity of pears on them yet today. There should still be fruit on them for a couple weeks. I had two coyotes come into another pear about 30 yards past that one and eat a pile of them off the ground. They were at 55 yards and I needed them to come another 15 yards closer.

Squirrel knocked my camera off center. The ground is flat.
deer pear 2.jpg
One look and I knew that was a midwest deer. A deer that heavy down here would be 6.5 years old at the least and in someone’s food plot every night. :)

Good luck getting someone on him !
Very nice buck. We have some Kieffer pear trees on one property and have gotten some big bucks there. Kieffer pears are one of the best trees to plant for deer IMO.