The Peeing Stump


I was invited to hunt a new piece of property and during an early spring walkaround this stump immediately drew my attention because of its shape, it had four separate and sizeable compartments.
I'm looking it over and thinking a four compartment feeding station for use by multiple animals at the same time but with our bait/mineral ban that idea was dismissed.....but I could pee in each one and hang a camera just for grins.

During a May turkey hunt I did exactly that and attraction was immediate and quite interesting, numerous does, fawns, and immature bucks visited the stump on a regular basis.
Every two weeks since I have been checking the card and re-applying my "personal blend" and the results have been pretty forward to yesterdays card check, it was more interesting that even I could have imagined.

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I'm anal when it comes to leaving un-necessary, harmful to me, scent in the woods. I go to great pains to hunt only when the winds are favorable and try to keep from educating any animals of my presence, while I am there or after I leave.
I use to carry a bottle too but forgot it one day and had to get down or let it go from the stand. I chose the latter and watched in amazement as a doe, a young buck, and a borderline shooter all investigated the new scent over an hours period.
From that point on I just had one less thing to carry.
The ' peeing on the stump' thing is pretty cool. So much for all the folks that carry pee bottles and fret about the smell. Nice buck too.

Baker you may know the answer to this question. Is there any difference from human urine and deer urine or any other mammal for that matter? Maybe Don is on to something here. I am just curious if there has been any studies on the chemical breakdown of urine among mammals and their differences. I am assuming that diet would have some influence but I am just a dumb redneck so I know nothing about urine except for find the closest place to release it when I have to go.
As one dumb red neck to another...I believe urine is urine. I run with a couple of elite trophy [ carnivorous ] bowhunters. Guys as good as it gets. When they need to go, they take a break , get out of their blind, and relieve themselves. They give no credence to urine being a repellent.

I know Kroll and a couple of other biologists have done mock scrapes using their own urine with the same results as Don. I know of no 'scientific' studies though.
Maybe guys using deer urine are wasting their money. I have never been a deer urine user except for mock scrapes. Hey if anyone is interested I am selling 4 oz bottles of Blizzard urine for $12 a bottle :). I have a huge supply of it, the older I get the more often I can get more for you.
Been peeing in mock scrapes and from the stand for a long time 100% of observed reaction has been positive at least from a curiosity standpoint if not out right attraction. Lots of mock scrapes taken over too.