The New Toy... I Mean Tool!


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After having some mulching work done this past summer we liked the results so much we found a used one and ended up getting a pretty good deal on it. I see lots of time spent on this thing in my future.


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We bought this one from the guy who did the mulching for us. This was his second machine and he made the comment to us that he'd sell it for what he owed on it. We thought about it and called him up the other day asked if he still had it and if the offer still stand. Next thing you know he's delivering it to the farm. I'd try looking on Craigslist or something like that.

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That is an awesome piece of machinery! Would you post some pics of the results? I am planning on renting one to cut in trails.
That would be awesome for opening old logging roads or clearing trails!! It sounds like you got a great deal.


If it were me, I'd have the problem of keeping any brush on my place at all... I'd be having way too much fun and I'm sure my OCD would kick in before long...

Congrats on the purchase, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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Nice! Can't believe how much that type of equipment goes for new.

We paid $60k for it used and felt like we got a good deal. I can't remember how many hours it has on it though. We also plan to purchase more attachments for the skid steer to make it more of a multifunctional tool versus just a forestry mower.


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