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Just wanted to say thanks to Cutman, Dogdoc and everyone else involved with this site! Even though I did not post alot, the QDMA forum was a huge part of my daily life for the last two years. I was very disappointed the way things went down but I am very excited to continue to absorb all of the great info on both this forum and Habitat Talk. Great to see all the familiar faces even though most of you probably don't remember me due to my lack of posting. I hope to become more active on this forum. THANKS AGAIN!
Welcome Scott! I didn't post much either because I felt like I couldn't contribute anything compared to what others were posting. So I just read and read, learned and learned some more. Like you it has been a welcome and relaxing part of my life for years. A ton of knowledge came here. Take advantage, and kick up your feet!
Count me in the same boat. So much knowledge to be absorbed around this crew. It really is a great community of passionate deer hunters and land managers.
We just recently go into putting in a few food plots. Literally found all the info we needed from everyone on this site. I am planning to post more moving forward.