Technically Moose are Deer ;)

I know nothing about moose other than they are BIG! Congrats on the successful hunt!
Congrats on the freezer FULL of meat. I lived there for a year myself, but that was 81/82. I know the moose are getting more plentiful each year. My wife is from ND, and my sis-in-law keeps me up on things.

I never had to retrieve my deer with a skid steer and a trailer but I did have to pick up a few hogs with my backhoe ! :D
I wouldn't call it a hot spot, but the population has been increasing the last 20 years or so - Game and Fish issues about 200ish licenses which are for ND residents only - once-in-a-lifetime tag (same with elk and bighorn sheep). I think there are now more moose in ND than in MN as we don't have the snail brain worm disease at this point in most of the state. Where ND used to have moose 30 years ago, there are not may left due to disease.