Teach me about cuttings


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I’ve been buying an assortment of bushes/shrubs over the last few years. And instead of me continuing to buy more of the same shrubs I would like to utilize cuttings.

What time of the year should they be cut and planted?

Can any shrub be grown from cuttings?

Is there an advantage/disadvantage to planting cuttings over bareroot?

What else should I know?
Most common landscaping shrubs are propagated by cuttings. Timing is dictated by the type of plant. Here in the Piedmont of S. C. I stuck hollies and junipers around the end of February. Azaleas and crepe myrtles in June. My cut off day used to be around the 4th of July. Some things you can get away with rooting them in a sweat tent, others require a mist system. They have to be protected the first winter after rooting. I would not try to pot anything up until the following spring. Research each type of plant that you want to try to propagate. Some do not require rooting hormone. Others require different percentages of IBA. Good luck!